Spirituality & Soulmates…

“जप-जाप जोगियों का ना’रा क़लंदरों का 
मंदिर की घंटियों में गुन्जे अज़ाँ का जादू 
हर रूह वज्द में है हर जिस्म में नशा है केह्ता
मा’शूक़ बंदगी है मा’शूक़ ही ख़ुदा है ...”

The very famous quote by Rumi “What you seek is seeking you” is spiritually a pointer to the theory of duality and pairing of energies.For everything that exists, it’s opposite must exist. If +1 exists, -1 necessarily exists, if a certain vibration exists, it’s “anti-vibration” (or a wave of opposite phase) exists.

Everything is in more stable and balanced state only if bonds are formed with alike.Of everything pairs are created — Mentioned in the Glorious Quran and confirmed by other religious scriptures.

The entire Universe is created as pairs.Humans,animals,Plants,galaxies, stars,waves,feelings, emotions,sentiments,opinions everything has a counterpart. A other half that completes,augments and supplements the other half in achieving stable state together. When these two get together, energy is generated.Energy which is the essence of bonding,the essence of love,the essence of existence and the essence of evolution.

The positive and negative entity alone in the universe have no consciousness, no existence.These opposite particles and forces operates in a harmonious unity until the target is reached.

And to connect with Soulmate, you need to align with your own soul first. You need to discover who you are, honor yourself and start following your heart. As Aristotle said Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

When you align with your true self, you are then instantly in the vibration of meeting your soul-mate.Someone who is embarking the same mystical journey, someone who is wrapped in the same strange ecstasy,someone who is lost in the same magical state of consciousness,someone who believes in miracles and magic,someone who feels the same wavering music everywhere ,someone who feels wings fluttering in place of hands feeling the wind slipping below soaring higher, higher, higher. Someone who sees the same bright illuminating colors around,someone who wishes to sing and dance in the light of Realization, someone with the same radiant smile and unconditional love within……..someone just as you!!

When a devotee realizes God, he sees illumination of God all over the place . He merges into God’s love in such a way that all the differences between him and God disappears. He realizes(sees) only Love and nothing else.Pure Unconditional Love…..

Laali meri laal ki, jit dekhu titt laal,Laali dekhan mein gayi, mein bhi ho gayi laal…. Kabir Das

someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺

someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺