..Just when the disciple is fully ready the Guru disappears…

This is a great blessing and conspiracy of the Universe.When the material yearnings and desires are fulfilled to a certain extent, there is dissatisfaction within and a yearning for something more in life. Only real experiences of Light could satisfy the ardent seeker now.That yearning is for the exclusive unconditional pure love of God,yearning for oneness with divinity,yearning to attain Union with God and merge with the Universe the Brahman.Ordinary love is selfishly rooted in desires and satisfactions, divine love is unconditional without boundary. Just a touch of pure love is enough to awaken the God within.

To attain knowledge of how to attain this exclusive love, one needs a Guru who has already walked the path successfully and is ready to guide those who are yearning for it. One who has already seen the light and witnessed the Union with God within.For some the Guru is the suffering and pain within, which over time starts attracting seekers alike with same ideologies, belief vibrations and thinking patterns. We attract what we think, we attract what we feel, In fact we attract what we are. When the energies (or waves) superimposes with the energies (or waves) of another entity only then chances of Reality Tran-surfing increases (constructive Interference of wave property).

A master bestows or shows the divine experience of cosmic consciousness only when the disciple has strengthened his mind to a degree .When the mind can withstand miraculous divine view without overwhelming. “If you had continuously been exposed to the intensely bright light of Revelation your nerves could not have endured it. Therefore, an interval was given in order to afford you peace and tranquility” this state was experienced by the Holy Prophet in the initial stage of the Prophet hood when he was not yet accustomed to hear the intensity of Revelation (SURAH AD-DUHA).The experience can never be given through one’s mere intellectual willingness .Only adequate enlargement by devotional bhakti can prepare the mind to absorb the liberating shock of omnipresence. It comes with a natural inevitability to sincere devotee.The intense cravings and acute thirst for God begins to pull God with an irresistible force. The Lord as cosmic vision is drawn by the seekers magnetic zeal into his range of consciousness

However the beginning of spiritual insight is fascinating, but its path difficult.There is a price to be paid for every increase in consciousness.We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.They say when the disciple is fully ready Guru disappears. The torture of burning in the fire and longing is must.With this spiritual treasure we not only become enlightened within, but also make other seekers the recipient of this divine wealth.

Two very Mysterious Spiritual Union of Time

..“His longing for union with the Lord reached its consummation only after he met a perfect Master in the person of Shah Inayat Qadiri ( Pir Dastgir)” — Bulleh Shah & Inayat Shah

"Do we ever reach a point when we no longer need to be loved? "Yes, when we love," he replied -- Rumi & Shams-i-Tabriz

someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺

someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺