Is this real ? are you really reading this blog? Is Medium real?Is the device you reading this blog from real?Am I real as I type in ? Are you real as you read this ?How do we know anything is real, is it possible to be hundred percent certain about knowing something, anything?

Can anyone know anything that exists outside their own mind? Can we know with certainty that we aren’t just a Brain In Jar (BIJ) in some laboratory somewhere.

We use our senses to judge the reality of our existence but those senses they all come back into the same place our mind, our brain. So how do we know the reality we perceive isn't just part our minds projection.

We know we exist, we know we are real and this essentially is the only thing we can be absolutely certain of .

Plato famously said that the things we know are things that are true, that we believe and that we have justifications for believing.Those justifications might be irrational or they might be rational, they might be based on proof but being proven is not a synonym for truth.

Let’s try to round a concept , a concept where only you exist. You are the only living being in the entire universe, you are the only mind with feelings with emotions with logic with rationality. Everything and Everybody else is all just contained in your mind as Figments of Imaginations.All of your family members, your friends the totality of your social circles and loved ones all in your mind. They don’t exist in reality only the constraints of your mind. You are the only one , you are the entire world or the entire world is contained within you.

Now that you have imagined everything let’s try to disprove it. You can’t prove that you are not the only living being. You can’t prove the universe came into being last Thursday or five minutes ago but you have memories of things that happened more than five minutes ago you have memories of things that happened before last Thursday. How do you know those memories really happened ,how do you know those memories weren't planted in your mind when you and the rest of your reality was created five minutes ago.

The Theory that the sun moved around the earth worked great. It predicted that the sun would rise every morning and it did. It wasn’t until later that we realized what we thought was true might not be. So do we or will we ever know the true reality or are we stuck in a world where the best we can do is be approximately true and discover the true objective actual reality as we live.

Can it ever be proven convincingly that the medium website or its readers or the devices used to read the blogs here actually exist beyond our mind? That we don’t just live in the Matrix……..

someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺

someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺