Dual scale of Everything….

चलती चाकी देखकर , दिया कबीरा रोय । दुइ पाटन के बीच में , साबुत बचा ना कोय…. ( “Looking at the grinding stones, Kabir laments;
In the duel of wheels, Nothing stays intact..”)

within the ambit of creation,life is the manifestation of all natural phenomenon of dualities : Male and Female,day and night, life and death, joy and sorrow, ego and super-ego,right and wrong , good and bad ,thereby setting life forever in motion and a continuously changing process. However All truths we see and encounter around but are half-truth.Like and unlike are same and identical in nature but different in degree.Only when this like and unlike meet ,Neutrality of Reality is maintained.

Within the bound of life and death, living & existence happens as penned by Kabir das. There will be struggles,drawbacks,pitfalls,accomplishments.But Nothing that we comprehend is eternal and stays forever.Trapped in this duality and held captive in-between whatever we see is perishable. Everything is being engulfed in the flames of ‘time’. We see, but don’t see it; we know; but don’t know it. We see flames consuming a deed corpse, but don’t see the unseen flames consuming everything in the universe. We just look, but hardly see!

We cry in ignorance, but Kabir is crying out of love and compassion, when he sees us being crushed by the cosmic grinding stones of birth and death. He points to something permanent in us which stays forever even when we loose our mortal physical body.It is the love that stays forever even when we are gone .It is the embodiment of true compassion and alignment with our own soul that resonates forever .It is the purity and de-conditioning of the mind by the mind with the mind that shifts the Reality from complexity to simplicity and beyond….

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