..a Monk without Monastery-Vipassana Meditation

The quest to know what Gautama (Buddha) was going through. A man who renounced all his royal possessions, relationships just to live a life of a lone seeker.Four people-one sick, one aged,one dead and one a monk -so awakened him that he renounced civilized life.He clearly resonated with impermanence very well ,that the nature of the mind, body and everything around us is in constant flux.

Despite understanding impermanence on the surface,despite understanding that life eventually ends for all, many of us continue to live in anger, worry, resentment, sadness, jealousy, attachment, depression, anxiety and a whole host of other conditions that can best be characterized as — suffering.

Certainly 10 days is not enough to find liberation from all suffering, but it is enough to get a taste of the nature of human existence with every day a new layer added and older one shed.Every day a self discovery,a pilgrimage to inner self.If you decide to take part in a 10 day course, you will have your own experience and each experience thereafter will be different. I’ve learned to be attached to nothing. To look at every moment as a new. Each moment in life is dying(trough) and born(crest) again just like waves propagating.Every moment is paving way for new moments to come in, for new emotions to set in. Created so that it can be destroyed and destroyed so that it can be recreated.After all life is all about exploring and experiencing different emotions.

We think about the future and past way more than we need to. The majority of our time is spent dwelling in future and past,what is to come and what has not happened yet, void of simple awareness of ‘Now’.Past, Present and Future all exist simultaneously, but its only ‘Now’ that we have access to.

After practicing “Anapana” (respiration) breathing , “samadhi”(concentration of the mind), “Vipassana” sets in with divine vibrational flow (Tarang-Wave) throughout the body (kalapas-in pali). On the atomic level our body is being born and dying at a rapid pace,the sensations of generation and annihilation of every waveform is felt in smallest unit of matter.Compression and Expansion of waveform ,repulsion of spiral waves through out the body. Nature of Quantum Physics unfolds in self by self ,watching a movie of our life (mind and body) both as observer and participant.Encountering sudden outburst of different emotions and sensations attached to it, camouflaged within for years.

When the deep knots within unties it unleashes emotions. Tears or depression are common.It’s the reality of life ,Nothing comes for free.Even for things unwanted we need to pay the price.We need to let go things which no longer serves our purpose and make way for new energies to flow in.

The pleasure and pain both felt in posture is with the same non-reactive reverence. Any pain or pleasure that mind or body experiences is nothing more than an observation by the self and passes soon( Anitya/Anicca is a pali word for the Buddhism concept of impermanence)

In essence, Vipassana teaches us nothing. Instead it helps us observe reality as it is without the clammer of the wandering mind. The mind has created a mental roadblock for many of us to experience reality as it is.

Vipassana is to be experienced and the truth it yields differs in individual’s level/depth of consciousness and the awareness of Reality he/she holds on to.



someone who volunteers in a soup kitchen, tutors children for free, and helps old lads&ladies cross the street.....🧘‍♂️🐕‍🦺

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